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From Western Australia at only 14 years of age, this kid rips

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Kiteboarding Alaska, the acoop on foilboarding, an adventure in Russia, and more

TKB LW Review: 2014 SLINGSHOT Glide

The 2014 Glide with its hallmark boxy outline is built in the USA and exceeded all our tester’s expectations for freeriding in moderate and extreme light wind conditions.

TKB LW Review: 2014 NOBILE XTR

The 2014 XTR is a performance oriendted lightwind twin tip that testers found fun and lively with really good load and pop.

TKB LW Review: 2014 NOBILE Flying Carpet

The 2014 Flying Carpet is a fairly wide board with straight rails that earned high praise as a dedicated light wind board.

TKB LW Review: 2014 F-ONE Next LW

The 2014 Next LW features a fairly wide and rounded template which testers found lively and fun for a great balance between freestyle, freeride and light wind ability.